Phelps Farm Select Cuts

Offered here are some select divisions cut from our breeding stock. We have been collecting our breeding stock for over 30 years. Here you will find timeless classics and divisions of our awarded plants. Some will be plants that are not available anywhere else.
 We hope you find something that you like.

Pot. Patricia Phelps `Majenta Maiden' AM/AOS
Pot. Patricia Phelps `Magenta Maiden' AM/AOS
( Blc. Fred Stewart
Pot. Hisako Akatsuka )
The camera cannot capture the richness of this deep magenta flower. The award description describes this flower best... Base color magenta, with slight flair on petals; lip ruffled, magenta, very dark magenta apically, gold veins in throat; column pale magenta, anther cap white; substance firm; texture on sepals and petals faintly glistening.  She has a wonderful scent and the
plants flower 2-3 times a year for us.

Lc. Phelps Blue Passion `Phelps Farm' AM/AOS
Lc. Phelps Blue Passion `Phelps Farm' AM/AOS
 ( C. Mrs. Myra Peeters
L. purpurata )
The award description also discribes this large blue florwer best.....
Sepals and petals uniformly bluish cream-colored; lip lilac with darker lilac adjacent to deep yellow throat, with dark lilac venation throughout lip, which has a white picotee; column white; substance medium-heavy; texture sparkling.
Blc. Gladys Main `Phelps Farm'
Blc. Gladys Main `Phelps Farm' HCC/AOS
( Blc. Worth Gold
 Blc. Erin Kobayashi )
Georgous, lemon yellow flowers with a rose picoteee on petals and lip. Lip picotee is a deeper rose purple. Named after Patricia's mother. This plant, like my mother in law, is a keeper.
Blc. Apache Sunrise `Warrior' AM/AOS Blc. Apache Sunrise
`Warrior' AM/AOS
(Blc. Apache Gold
B. nodosa)
This is a large, butter yellow, flower with a huge lip. Heavy red paterning on the lip makes this flower really stand out.
One of the best examples of this hybrid. Free blooming on every new growth. 2+ times a year. 
Pot. Susan Fender `Cinnamon Stick'AM/AOS
Pot. Susan Fender
`Cinnamon Stick' AM/AOS
(Pot. Caesar's Head
Blc. Mary Ellen Carter )
Outstanding orange with a red overlay on the petals and sepals and a deep red lip with yellow in the throat.
These are original divisions from the awarded plant.
Plant flowers at least twice a year.
Divisions are $350.00
call for availability.