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C. deckeri

Cattleya deckeri

This species is very similar to C. skinneri both in flower
and vigorous growth habit. The exception is deckeri
blooms in the fall. Very Showy!

Call for price and availablity
Coelogyne Pandurata
Coelogyne pandurata
`Bessey Creek' HCC/AOS
 This select clone was awarded in 1999. Emerald green sepals and petals with a nearly black callus on the lip.
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Coelogyne Pandurata
Coelogyne South Carolina
(Coel. Burfordiense x Coel. pandurata) 
Flowers are just like Coel. pandurata. .Emerald green sepals and petals with a nearly black callus on the lip. Strong growing plants, show hybrid vigor. Call for price and availablity
Bulb. purpureorachis
Bulb. purpureorachis
Unusual and rare. This species has a 1" wide spiraling, metallically shiny ox blood colored rachis, that bears its small beetle like flowers along its side. Flowers have a rocking lip. Bloom spike will reach up to 16" tall. Very showy.
Per Bulb
Den. Aggregatum
Den. aggregatum
Clusters of 1" + yellow and orange flowers with an orange lip. To assure a good spring blooming withhold fertilizer and water after November and let them get cold (40's) at night.

$25.00 & Up

$35.00 & Up

Max Rufescens
Max. rufescens
2" Yellow with orange flowers with a definite "Root Beer" fragrance. Plant flowers whenever new growths mature.
Cirr. Makoyanum
Cirr. makoyanum
Narrow segmented 1 & 1/2" pale yellow flowers with a red tip and a red lip at the beginning of each flower which is hinged and rocks with the slightest of breeze. Flowers cluster into a half a daisy-like pattern.
B. Nodosa
B. nodosa

"The Lady Of The Night Orchid".

This wonderful species is fragrant at night. Filling your growing area with its wonderful scent.

Mounted and Basketed Plants $15.00-$35.00
Gram Scriptum
Gram scriptum
"Timberwood" HCC/AOS
X Gram Scriptum Phelps Farm AM/AOS
We have crossed two of our awarded scriptum together for more great plants of this high quality Measurianum variety of scriptum. 3" green flowers with mahogany spots on a 5 foot spike. These are nice large plants.

Bulb Fascinator
Bulb fascinator
This species has 4-5" flowers heavily spotted with maroon. The dorsal sepal has purple tassels. The lip is hinged and rocks in the breeze.
Bulb Vaginatum
Bulb vaginatum
3" Golden yellow mop heads hang off each bloom spike. Plant grows great and makes a spectacular specimen plant.
Den. Ioddigesii
This north India species has 1" rose colored flowers with its fringed lip, orange surrounded by white.
Coilostylis Ciliare
Coilostylis ciliare
syn. Epi cilaire
Native to Central and South America down to Brazil, this easy to grow species blooms twice a year or more.
Maxillaria Tenniufolia
Maxillaria tenniufolia
"The Coconut Orchid"
Waxy 1" reddish flowers nestled within the foliage, produce an intoxicating fragrance in the spring.
PHal.violacea coeruleaPhal. violaceaThis violacea cross comes from our friend Eric Huhta.
He has crossed his seedling `Who's Blue' ( from H.P. Norton's selfing of `Gulfstream Blue') With pollen from Krull Smiths sib cross of (`Crystelle' X `Krull's Navy Blue'). We expect deep wine to violet/blues.

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