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A word about seed crosses and their photos:
Seed crosses have the same parents, but the progeny can look quite different.
The photos of each cross show only one example of the cross, and are not
intended to be an exact represntation of the cross.
"Vive la difference"

BS = Blooming Size (Should bloom at next season)
NBS = Near Blooming Size (1 to 2 years to bloom)

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Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales `Shining Moment'C. Horace `Maxima'
(Blc.Memoria Crispin Rosales
`Shining Moment'
C. Horace `Maxima'
We have remade this classic Cattleya hybrid using exceptional parents. The Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales `Shining Moment' clone has a huge bloom spike holding 5-6, 6" flowers. C. Horace `Maxima' is a great grower and it's flowers have fine round shape.

Blc. Tribute `Phelps Farm' AM/AOS
C. Earl `Imperialis' FCC/AOS
Blc. Lorrine Katheryn Wood
(Blc. Tribute `PhelpsFarm' AM/AOS)
(C. Earl `Imperialis' FCC/AOS)
Named for the mother of a good friend of ours.
Award quality here! Full overlaping shape from both parents. We expect the Blc. Tribute to dominate the color. Producing exceptional lavanders on strong growing plants.

Lc. Love Knot
C. percivaliana
Lc. Love Knot
C. perciviliana `Summit'
We used an extremely dark Lc. Love Knot. Similar in shape to the one shown, but dark concord grape in color.
Crossing the extremely floriferous C. perciviliana to it should produce many heads of  rich purples with orange in the throat

Lc.Wrigleyi X Love Knot
Le.Wrigleyi `Orchid Library'
Lc.Love Knot v.coerulea
This one is a nice blue. Plants have a ompact growth habit and an elongated bloom spike from the L. anceps influence of  Lc. Wrigleyi
Plants are blooming size, some have already flowered.
Potted plants available.
Slc. Josh Dennison
Slc. Josh Dennison
(Slc. India Rose Sherwood)
(C. granulosa)
Tall heads of red & orange to copper colored flowers, with an intense red spade shaped lip. Long lasting, waxy flowers.

Pot. Little Eddie Fabik
Pot. Little Eddie Fabik
(Pot. Paul Phelps)
(Blc. Rainbow Beauty)
Compact growing plants with bright 2"-3" yellow flowers with red or orange accents. Some pink, peach or orange flowers are also possible. Plants are blooming small in 2"-3" pots & are free blooming on every new growth.
Lc. Love Knot X C. Bactia "Grape Wax"
Lc. Mi Costilla Lizzie Menendez
(Lc. Love Knot X C. Bactia "Grape Wax")
Medium sized plants with clusters of waxy deep purple flowers. Vigorous growers & bloomers. Nicely scented.
Lc. Canhamiana X Lc. Phelps Blue Passion
Lc. Canhamiana
"Azure Skies"
Lc. Phelps Blue Passion
"Phelps Farm"
Great growing plants with large sparkling light blue flowers with a deep amethyst lip. Some flares too.
Blc. Mem. Floyd Irvin Bachrach

Blc. Mem. Floyd Irvin

(C. Horace "Maxima")
(Blc. Saint Helena Sound)

Vigorous growing plants with large full shaped floweres in shades of pink, salmon, peache(s), & some yellow with a red lip. All flowers have yellow undertones that intensify the color of the flower.
C. Day Tripper AM/AOS
C. Day Tripper
(C. Trip Johnson)
(C. Caudebec "Phelps Farm" AM/AOS)
Compact plants are producing heads of 3" + cream to creamy pinks with heavy mahogany spots and a purple lip.
$30.00 & Up

$40.00 & UP
C. Mary Main
C. Hawaiian Wedding Song "Virgin"
C. Chocolate Drop "Kodama" AM/AOS
3" Vibrant pinky/plum flowers.
Summer - fall bloomer.
Lc. Mini Purple
Lc. Mini Purple
(Corulea Type)

(L. Pumila X C. Walkeriana)
Miniature Cattleya throws 3" powder blue flowers, with a darker blue lip. Blooming season varies.
Pot. Love Chat
Pot. Love Chat
(Pot. Chatoyant "Twilight Passion")
(Lc. Love Knot "Phelps Farm" AM/AOS)
Our awarded flare petal Lc. Love Knot crossed to a huge lavender with red flares & a red lip. The first to bloom is shown to the left. We expect compact growth & large lavander flowers with flares, splashes, & some solid fuchsia. All with that great, C. Walkeriana fragrance.
Blc. Lin Phelps
Blc. Lin Phelps
(Lc. Gold Digger)
(Blc. Erin Kobayashi)
Nice golden yellow flowers with a pink to red lip. Some flowers have a pink picotee on the out side edge of the flower. A good grower. Throwing multiple leads, which means a lot of flowers!
A Phelps Farm exclusive.
Pot. Paul Phelps
Pot. Paul Phelps
(Blc. Bouton D'Or X Sc. Beaufort)
Multiple front leads bear 2" plus yellow to orange flowers. These flowers are compact plants & blooms several times throughout the year.



C. Louise Georgianna X Lc. Phelps Blue Passion
C. Louise Georgianna X
Lc. Phelps Blue Passion

Phelps Farm AM/AOS
Our best blue L. Purpurata hybrid combined with the strong C. intermedia influence of Louise has produced large laelia shaped flowers in pink or white with a pink lip. Some blues are also possible
C. Sea Breeze X Lc. Phelps Blue Passion
C. Sea Breeze
"Fellrath's Pride"
Lc. Phelps Blue Passion
"Phelps Farm" AM/AOS
C. Sea Breeze is a primary hybrid betwwen C. Warneri & C. Walkeriana.
Lc. Phelps Blue Passion is 50%
L. Purpurata, C. Warneri, & C. Gaskelliana 25%. We have a great shot at some awesome blues here
Slc. India Rose Sherwood
Slc. Indiana Rose Sherwood

(Slc. Naomi Kerns X C. Chocolate Drop)
Waxy red & orange flowers with a blood red lip. Very colorful!
Blc. Monilani Rainbow
Blc. Momilani Rainbow
(Blc. Orange Nugget X Lc. Mari's Song)
This cross is great! Combinations of pink, yellow, orange, & white with vibrant flares on tips of the petals. A good grower, throwing multiple leads. Wonderfully fragrant & long lasting.
Image Coming
Blc. Peter Phelps
Blc. Erin Kobayashi L.G.
Lc. Persepolis "Splendor"
Crossing this large chiffon yellow with a fine white, with a purple lip has been producing 5" chiffon yellow to yellow with a slight blush of pink flowers with purple on the lip.

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