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BS = Blooming Size (Should bloom at next season)
NBS = Near Blooming Size (1 to 2 years to bloom)

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Onc. Sharry Baby
Brs. Sunrise Glow
'Phelps Farm' AM/AOS

(Brs. gireoudiana X Brs. Sunset Gold)
These are divisions of our awarded Brassia. The largest of all awarded Brassias with flowers reaching over 18 inches.
A great grower and a Summer bloomer. 

Odcdm. Catatante
"Pacific Sun Spots"

Onc. (Jamie Sutton X Honolulu)
This easy to grow plant throws a tall, multiple branching sprays of 1" burnt orange flowers, with a pumpkin orange lip.
Spring bloomer.

Milt. Belvedere X Star Of Nuanu
Milt. Belvedere X Star Of Nuanu
Warm growing Miltonia hybrid with 3" deep purple flowers. Plants throw multiple front leads a year which means multiple heads of flowers every year. Fragrant summer bloomers growing in Tree Fern Pots will bloom this summer.

Brassia Caudata Var. Alba
Brassia Caudata Var. Alba
This one is a must have!! The rare alba form of this highly prized species. A great grower & dependable bloomer.

Onc. Sphacelatum
Onc. Sphacelatum

This is the best example of this species. We really like this clone because it not only grows like a weed, but you do not have to stake the bloom spike. The flowers on this clone are larger & richer in color than any other Sphacelatum we've seen. Spring bloomer.

Brsdm. Dancing Alien
(Brsdm Henry Melczer X Brs. Santa Barbara)
Tall sprays of many well presented, yellow & green spiders with golden brown markings. Flowers average about 4" to 6" long.
Some variation is expected as this is a seed cross.

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