Cattleya Mericlones

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BS = Blooming Size (Should bloom at next season)
NBS = Near Blooming Size (1 to 2 years to bloom)

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Pot. Heathers Gold `Motherload'
Pot. Heathers Gold
(Blc. Goldenzelle X Pot.Heather Kwiatt)
Large, concolor yellow flowers on a vigorous growing plant. fragrant

Blc. Greenwitch `Elmhurst' Blc. Greenwich
`Elmhurst' AM/AOS
( Lc.Ann Follis x Blc.Lester McDonald )
Nearly 6" vibrant green flowers with a fuchisa lip. Plants are strong growers and for us they flower various times of the year. Mostly in the Fall through Spring
Blc. Edisto 'Newberry"
Blc. Edisto

(Lc. Maria Ozzella X Blc. Oconee)
Large and fragrant rich red flowers with a deep red lip. A great grower and bloomer.
Blc. George King "Serendipity"
Blc. George King
"Serendipity" AM/AOS

(Blc.Buttercup x C. Bob Betts)
6" Peachy pink flowers that have a wonderful scent. These plants are great growers and dependable bloomers. Spring and Fall.
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Lc. Gold Digger
Lc. Gold Digger
"Orchid Jungle"

(Lc. Red Gold X
C. Warpaint)
Clusteres of vibrant yellow & orange flowers with a bright red lip. Spring bloomer.
Blc. Goldenzelle
Blc. Goldenzelle
"Lemon Chiffon" AM/AOS

(Blc. Fortune X C. Horace)

Lemon Yellow 5 inch flowers wirh a clear red spot on its full, round lip.

Lc. Gold Digger "Fuch's Mandarin"
Lc. Gold Digger
"Fuch's Mandarin"

(Lc. Red Gold X C. Warpaint)
Clusters of vibrant yellow & orange flowers with red striping in the throat. A Spring bloomer.


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