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BS = Blooming Size (Should bloom at next season)

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Bulb. vaginatum
3" Golden yellow mop heads hang off each bloom spike. Plant grows great and makes a spectacular specimen plant. BS Mounted on Tree Fern Totems.

Bulb. medusae
This is one of the really showy ones. Elegant heads of silvery white tendrils cascade from the flower stem. A bright yellow hinged lip gives a splash of color.
BS 5" Pot

Bulb.medusae`Spotty' Bulb. medusae
Also very showy is the spotted form of medusae. This one has the same silvery tendrils but they are adorned with fine red spots.

Bulb. macranthum
A great grower and bloomer. Nearly 2" flowers are discretely displayed between the leaves. Flowers in late Spring to early Summer
BS 5" Pot

Bulb. lobbii
`Kathy's Gold'
This species has very heavy substance 4" gold flower with  fine maroon stripes on the sepals, petals and lip.  Has a hinged lip that rocks in the breeze.
BS 6" Pot

Bulb. lilacinum
This species is from Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaya and the Andaman Islands. It's foxtail of  lilac colored flowers smell sweetly of lilac.
One of the ones that don't smell bad.
BS 6" Pot

Bulb.Doris Dukes
( fascinator
 rothschildianum )

This is an easy to grow hybrid made by our friend Bill Thoms and named after his wife Doris.
 Flowers are very intricate with deep wine red tassles adorning the dorsal sepal and petals. It's deep red lip is hinged and rocks when touched.

BS 6" Pot

Bulb. fascinator
This species grows quickly and blooms freely.  It is native to India, Borneo, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Malaya and Vietnam.
BS 6" Pot
Bulb.Stars and Stripes
Bulb. Stars and Stripes
( lobbii X bicolor )
This is another great Bill Thoms hybrid. Spots on the dorsal and petals and stripes on the lateral sepals. A red hinged lip that rocks when touched gives it even more charm. Seed grown plants will vary from photo although the photo is a good representative of the cross.

Bulb. sikkimense
1" tawny orange umbrells are well held on flower stems from beneath the flower like an umbrella. Plants are grown on tree fern totems which display the flowers very well. The photos we use here are not from the plants we have for sale, but they are almost identical.
Tree Fern Totem

5" pot